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Roozz is a middleware technology that enables easy cross platform distribution of software applications. On Windows, Linux, Mac, ChromeOS and WindowsMobile, Roozz is implemented as a browser plugin similar to Flash and Silverlight, but it is different in that it integrates, payment, copyright protection and it allow developers to use many different programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++, Assembler.

The 3 major advantages of the Roozz technology are: Payment, Speed and cross-platform.

Roozz allows developers to create programs in Visual Studio, which is the most popular IDE, and publish them on the web in less than 5 minutes (no new skills needed). Roozz solve payment, copyright protection and updating automatically.

Main features:

- The end user must install Roozz plugin on his local machine. (Windows 2000 - Vista, Linux and coming soon: Mac)
- Roozz plugin allows you to embed your .exe application into any web page. (works with multimedia rich 3D games too)
- Roozz plugin can be configured to download your .exe application file from the server every time the web page is loaded.
- Roozz plugin has build in update functionality. You simply compile your application and copy it to the cloud. Roozz will handle the rest.
- With Roozz plugin you can avoid the complex task making cross-platform, cross-browser compatible plugins for your game. (Roozz does it all for you - while you can take a 10 weeks vacation :-)
- We also take care of all the security issues and digital signiture problems for you.
- Roozz plugin introduces a new wiki like security model where the Roozz certificate can be disabled if applications is found to have security errors.
- Roozz plugin is more secure than traditional browser plugins because 3Djam and the forum act as a middle man to protect the end user from dangous applications.

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